Audition for ‘War of the Worlds’

Auditions are announced for the infamous Orson Wells radio drama, “The War of the Worlds.”

Call now for an audition appointment or more information to Henry Moreno at 442-243-1880 or, or John at (909) 366-5344 or Additional information may be found at Auditions will be held on Saturday, September 19.

“War of the Worlds” is the pioneer project for the Channel 181 reality show

Auditions are being held for 'War of the Worlds' Sept. 19

Auditions are being held for ‘War of the Worlds’ Sept. 19

called, “The Show” working in conjunction with nonprofit theater group, Big Bear Theater. From audition to performance, production of the radio drama will be videoed and edited into segments of “The Show.” The segments will be seen daily on Channel 181. Hosts of “The Show” are Richard Millener and Henry Moreno. The segments will also be aired nightly on KVBB 94.5 FM.

The show will then been performed live in a theater and videotaped for broadcast on Channel 181. KVBB 94.5 FM will air the performance live toward the end of October. The original was broadcast on Halloween night.

Following auditions, the show will be cast and get together for a reading to help with character development. Then the cast will take a couple weeks to create their characters.

The cast will then come together on a Monday night to begin to rehearse, with performance Friday of the same week. The show will be performed in the style of radio drama, with actors holding their pages as they come to the microphone.

Many actors will bring alive more than one character and the audience will see them transform and change their voices right before their eyes. Sound effects as much as possible will be done with “Foley,” or the art of creating the background sound effects live during the show.