KVBB to perform ‘War of the Worlds’ Halloween weekend at Tudor House in Lake Arrowhead

Broadcast from New York’s Mercury Theatre in 1938, this infamous radio play, based on the novel, War of the Worlds, by H. G. Wells,
terrified listeners into believing that an actual alien invasion of Earth was taking place.

Adapted by Howard E. Koch, co-writer of Casablanca, and directed and narrated by Orson Welles, the script details the frightening tale of an extraterrestrial takeover of Earth.

The show is being produced by Big Bear Theater, Inc. In addition to producing live stage productions, Big Bear Theater, Inc, holds the FCC radio station license for KVBB 94.5 FM in the Big Bear Valley. While the audience enjoys the live production at the Tudor House in Lake Arrowhead on Friday and Saturday, October 29 and 30, the production will also be broadcast live on KVBB.

The production is being directed by artistic director John Phane. He has almost 100 stage production credited and has preformed regularly on radio, television and on the silver screen. He launched TV 6 in Big Bear and currently can be heard during morning drive in Big Bear on KVBB.

The production features Hal Havins in the Orson Welles role. Havins has some 50 movie and television credits and has performed in dozens of stage productions.

The show is also happy to feature Lake Arrowhead and Tudor House favorite, Hailey Jones. She will be performing a number of roles in the production.

For information, call (909) 771-0889 or call to The Tudor House.

Big Bear Theater, Inc

(909) 771-0889

Big Bear Theater, Inc. is a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization with the mission to teach and perform the arts in Southern California. Presently, Big Bear Theater supports groups in Big Bear Lake and the Conejo Valley.

(909) 771-0889

Big Bear Theater operates a Federal Communications Commission licensed FM radio station on the frequency of 94.5 FM. The community radio station goes by the name of The Voice of Big Bear.

The station gives to the visitors and residents of Big Bear a forum through which to learn about the arts and to exchange ideas and information pertinent to the Big Bear Valley. KVBB-LP offers programming that includes, but is not limited to, coaching on acting, singing, musical history and theatre, music of all genres, literature—including plays, poetry, novels  and short stories—literacy through creative writing and storytelling and the reporting of local politics, news, weather, road conditions and history.